Our Mission

We equip Christian leaders to deeply understand how their own family and cultural story fits into God’s Story in a way that will shape how they lead others to love and live amongst their neighbors.

Our Vision

Dismantling of a Western-dominated expression of Christianity;
Healing and solidarity among the marginalized who find their own story in God’s Story

Our Strategy and Approach

Dismantling of a Western-dominated expression of Christianity

Currently, theology is currently biased towards a male-dominated, western lens. You’ll scarcely find categories like shame, honor, and patronage among theological texts, yet these categories represent today’s world. Given that a majority of biblical authors and characters came from an indigenous, oppressed background, these categories are the biblical world too. Scholarship is just now catching up. Kingdom Rice intentionally utilizes these underutilized biblical majority world categories in everything we do. In this way, EVERY HUMAN BEING can have more access to the Good News.

Healing and solidarity among the marginalized

We’re healing from false views of ourselves and embracing what the most valued voices say about us, the most valuable voice being God’s voice.

Solidarity – On that first Pentecost, the Spirit enabled an unprecedented joining together, a kind of inclusion we need now more than ever before. Against the exclusion that has robbed minorities of voice, sound, bound, land, and place, the inclusive work of the Spirit restores these. Consider these words from theologian Willie Jennings:

“The Spirit creates joining. The followers of Jesus are now being connected in a way that joins them to people in the most intimate space—of voice, memory, sound, body, land, and place. … to speak a language is to speak a people” – Willie James Jennings, Acts, A Theological Commentary on the Bible (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2017), 28.

Our Mission drives our three-tiered strategy


To begin equipping leaders, we have to unstick imaginations from trapped ways, and demonstrate concrete pictures of the Kingdom that they can engage with. Jesus never taught without first a demonstration of the Kingdom. So thus we will only teach in the context of what we can demonstrate. Click here for a fuller explanation of demonstration.


We carefully and sensitively excavate our stories and cultures as a way to identify past masters and instincts and lenses by which we live life. Click here for a fuller explanation of assessment.


Only after the Spirit identifies old masters, lenses, habits, we can replace them with new lenses, new ways. We lead participants to concretely pray and plan how their three most important lenses will be affected, how they see God, themselves, and others, especially others that are culturally different from them. We break this down as practically as possible, applying these new lenses to where we work, play, and live. Click here for a fuller explanation of integration.

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