Our Vision:

A renewed embodiment & expression of the Gospel

centered around the biblical storyline of shame-reversal
and experienced as relevant, potent, and healing.

Our Mission:

We train influencers

to relate to God
and their communities
more authentically and holistically

through the excavation

of honor-shame stories
of people and communities.

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What does "Kingdom Rice" mean? Look carefully at our logo. The fact that it's filled with rice is significant. It represents how the sacred entered into the common, into elements like rice, and among people like you and me. In fact, we can imagine Jesus inviting us to share company with him around a meal, just as he did throughout his life. What an honor! And he's offering that same honor to you and me today. Imagine being at this meal, with the greatest diversity you could possibly imagine. And imagine Jesus asking us to honor each other. Such is the meaning of "rice" and that's why the name "Kingdom Rice" encapsulates our vision. Everyone has a direct invitation to this table of honor.

Our logo centers San Francisco because the plethora of its diverse communities, both past and present, tells the stories of communities forgotten, shamed, and displaced alongside stories of advocacy, beauty, and healing. As advocacy happens, communities once shamed and forgotten are remembered, recognized, and honored.

Our logo shows iconic San Francisco fronted by the gates of Chinatown because it's valuable to have a concrete anchor point and this community plays that role. By anchoring our mission to a distinctive 150 year long story of shame, racism and advocacy, survival, and honor, we've found that the 1000+ students, professionals, seminarians, and non-profits we've immersed in her streets are able to find their own stories of shame and honor in Chinatown's.

We uniquely tie the shame-reversal story of Chinatown to the biblical shame-reveral narrative. That is, we tie "earthy" shame-reversal stories to the "Kingdom." The ultimate shame-reversal narrative is found in the Gospels and the shame-reveral story of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Making these ties through personal, community, and biblical storytelling is a form of therapy that makes space for personal and community healing. We cannot control nor promise the outcome of your participation, but we've witnessed surprising reconciliation between races and generations, within churches, families, and more as a result of participating in our programs.

Click on our "Program and Events" page to get a snapshot of how we accomplish our mission.

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