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  1. Debrief
  2. Reframing ministry from an honor-shame perspective. 
    1. Face
    2. Honor-shame
      1. A biblical narrative of honor shame
        1. (
  3. Reframing ministry through a theology of the city
Norman Fong says “if you want to see the real Chinatown, look up.” Developing theology that walks and perceives unobvious realities. 
Questions that helped me see the unobvious realities of this city: How did my community arrive? (Exclusion act, Angel Island, Chinatown) How do the physical realities of the city interact with my community? (Chinese laundromats & restaurants, 1906 Earthquake, 1989 Earthquake, etc.) What was required for their survival? (Self-orientalization, model minority myth)
Why this matters for theological development:
      1. For more stories that excavate God’s Kingdom from Chinatown…
    1.  Discussion about how family stories relate to physical space 
A theology of the city that does not address history, migration, family, and land is an imported ideology that won’t have enough weight to truly transform. → white flight tendency and now return to the cities


  1. Application and Implications:
    1. For personal growth and discipleship, deciding “who will be your teachers”
      1. Learn from those who can steward their power towards vulnerability, as Jesus did in Phil 2, those who can “hang their laundry out the window”
        1. Look beyond the experts
        2. What are the people and places of vulnerability that you wanna learn from? (vs. trying to fix things. Where is God at work in the “dirtier” places.
      2. Excavate your own “shame-reversal” stories
    2. For hermeneutics and theology 
    1. For therapy and counseling, 
      1. to go beyond simply being “culturally informed”
    2. For ministry framework 
      1. Fundraising context
    3. For evangelism
      2.  Embodiment theology. 
        1. Phil 2 → Jesus
      3. The “good news” – what IS the good news? 
        1. (
      4. “Sharing God’s Love in an Urban, Pluralist Context” 
        1. This is an unedited book chapter sent for publication for a new book on William Carey Publishers tentatively named “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel.” I.e., DON’T FORWARD or use without my permission!
      5. Vulnerable Storytelling
    4. Ps 48:12 to frame going out into the City. 
      1. What are the unseen forces? 
      2. What are the policies that might have reinforced 
  1. Q/A