New Lenses:
a course on the Gospel's shame-reversal in your life and in your community

What are your deeply embedded biases, assumptions, and beliefs? How do those affect the way you view God, yourself, and others? Will you allow the Gospel to give you new lenses to transform your relationships? 


This intensive six-session discussion course will take you on a journey to interrogate the lens from which you view the world, revisit your own “shame” story through God’s lens, and create “shame-reversal” spaces in your community.

Course Length: 6 sessions, 90 minutes per session.

Course Work: Weekly reflection questions and assigned reading (selections from the book Honor, Shame, and the Gospel). Course work should only take a minimum of 30 minutes a week.

Class Size: 6-9 participants

Location: Online

Cost: $300 per person*
*We don’t want finances to be a barrier. Please let us know if cost is an issue. 

All about New Lenses

New Lenses is a six-session in-depth discussion in which participants unpack their origin story in a way that exposes how they’ve learned to view God, themselves, and others. Throughout the course, participants learn about the lens through which they read the Bible and discover new lenses that better include the “other.” By the end of the course, participants are faced with the decision to replace their old lenses with new ones that help us see others as Jesus did. 


During the course, participants will…

  1. Identify the lenses through which they learned to see God, themselves, and others
  2. Unpack their own shame-reversal stories and share them with others
  3. Begin to make space for shame-reversal stories in the communities where they work, learn, and play.

This course has been used to strengthen ministries, transform churches, and prepare missions teams going abroad. Recent course graduates include leaders of InterVarsity, Asian-American Christian Fellowship (AACF), Mission One, and church pastors and leaders.


"The cohort was definitely one of the bright spots of my life during this pandemic. Meeting new people who were interested in sharing stories about faith and culture gave me a sense that I wasn't alone and was indeed connected to others more than I thought. I was simultaneously part of another small group engaged on the topic of faith and discipleship and it was quite interesting to see the differences. The other cohort was very much set in a western-dominated framework which emphasized relationship with God as an individual experience, not really addressing the collective faith experiences of people. Though both spaces created safety to share openly, I realize that my experience in the Kingdom Rice cohort allowed space to engage in the collective mindset that really integrated stories of family and culture as part of our faith experiences. I've enjoyed the first cohort so much that I decided to do a second cohort to invite close friends to experience what I had experienced.

This space isn’t just for individuals to voice their thoughts but it’s a space that is intentional about making connections and creating a collective space that makes space through vulnerability. One of the members paused to comment on the intentionality of this space and saw the uniqueness of each person’s sharing joined together. 

Through this process, I’m learning about myself, my family and culture and how my background has influenced my own faith and leadership. As a co-facilitator I’m learning how to create safe space for others and I look forward to influencing others beyond these cohorts."

Cat Verango
Former Director at Coastline Christian Schools (CCS)


“The New Lenses Course is both personally transformative and hyper-relevant. Identifying, laying down, and picking up new lenses through which to read the Bible has led me to a deeper intimacy with and understanding of the gospel narrative. As the pews of our churches are increasingly filled with those who don’t read the gospel through predominantly Western lenses, undergoing this process and being trained to lead others through it will soon be critical for all church leaders in order to effectively and compassionately shepherd their congregations.”

Jeff C.
Church Lay Leader


"[This course helps] people see and experience a holistic Gospel that reaches into the hidden and shameful corners of a person’s soul. So that they truly know God’s unconditional love…

This [is] something that [staff within all ministries] should explore. It would deepen their discipleship to Jesus and elevate their ministry to [others]. They learn how to help others release their shame to Jesus.

….This is something to pray about and act upon. If you sense that God has put it on your heart to help [others] to draw a holistic experience and understanding of the Gospel, I want to fully empower you to start a cohort like we experienced with Steve."

Jon Liu
Former Executive Director of Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF)


"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs‬ ‭27‬:‭17‬ ‭ESV‬‬. The KR cohort was a relatively short (6 meetings) small group discipleship experience that was impactful. It sharpened and stretched my understanding of evangelism through the honor shame example set by Steve Hong. Through this God also exposed the lack of space in my life for those outside the faith and how God wants me to engage them as Jesus would. I have encouraged our church family to participate in a KR cohort."

Steve Quen
Senior Pastor of Bay Area Chinese Bible Church


"I think anytime there’s a group of Jesus-loving people in the (virtual) room who are willing to look honestly at themselves and the world, it can be a healing and redemptive experience, and I think Steve held space for us to do that work in a meaningful way.

I also enjoyed meeting the other cohort participants, most of whom had been wrestling with these questions – about story, honor/shame, and community – in their own lives and ministries for awhile. It was fascinating to hear, for instance, about how Perry Sakai’s church** was partnering with a Cambodian American church and how Cat Verango’s upcoming move to Singapore made real the need for theological categories outside of the (“Western”) norm. It was also illuminating to have discussions on family of origin dynamics because I found similarities with cohort members who I wouldn’t have expected – and this was both fascinating and humbling."

Nate Lee
Former Board Member of Kingdom Rice and Associate Pastor of Great Exchange Covenant Church

**Nate mentioned Pastor Perry Sakai, who has spent decades ministering among SE Asian both here and abroad. He participated in several cohorts, both as a participant and as a leader. Read about Pastor Perry's experience here.