Good News Chapel World Evangelism Dinner February 23, 2024

Questions be discussed at your table:

  • Identify a group of people you are praying for to experience God's love through you 
  • What would be Gospel Good News to this group and why? 
  • What do you think is most needed in missions training today?
  • Assign a spokesperson for your table. 

What does our name, Kingdom Rice mean? 

The “RICE” in our name means lots of things including 

    1. Christianity’s center has been shifted from the West to the East (and from the North to the South) 
    2. Asian influence has gone global. Think movies, music, politics, and food. 
    3. Collective/Family culture, which is indeed the culture of the Bible. 
    4. A shift from guilt to shame as the center, again following the weight of Scripture. And indeed, culture is shifting this way, especially with the onslaught of social media and globalization

“Kingdom Rice” together means

    1. No longer does one need to go through a Western lens to experience God
    2. That God has entered the mundane, the normal everyday life. We can experience God where we live, play, work, and folk jam. Rice is a common. Yet imagine Jesus saying, “I am the RICE of life!”
    3. The Chinatown gates that fronts our logo means our story is rooted in a concrete place; place is important. “We must learn the history of a place…because therein lies our point of departure for imagining a future” Willi Jennings from Yale Divinity. 

What can I do? 

  • Personally sign up for Kingdom Rice newsletter by simply entering your email below.  Email Steve with any questions about this evening's World Evangelism Dinner. Because GNC has been a partner with me for many years, I'd like to gift you a copy of "HONOR-SHAME and the Gospel" at your asking. The book contains my story and outlines how you could share your story too in a way that opens up the Gospel.
  • Learn more about Rowena's powerful story. Contact her at Read her story by clicking here. If you can't read the whole article, ask Rowena for a free copy. Look for her story in the book and movie "She Said."