We accomplish our mission through working with individuals, churches, seminaries, missionary organizations, and other non-profits. We utilize the following tools in our pipeline to fit a variety of contexts and levels of involvement.



Experience non-committal offerings that will introduce you to our mission and stretch your imagination and heart.



Consider one or more baby steps to deepen your engagement with our mission.



This is where we get down to business, excavating honor-shame stories from our own lives and our communities, and how it affects how we see God and others.

Expanding the Imagination: Resources

Our blog posts, books, and speaking engage and compel individuals, communities, and institutions in a biblical honor-shame storyline.

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Expanding the Imagination: Immersions

Neighborhood immersions into the belly of SF's neighborhoods have been the most immersive way to storytell how the stories of racism and displacement both surface the brokenness and the beauty of the City. Our immersions center the historic Chinese, Filipino, and African-American neighborhoods of San Francisco. We've also done immersions into the Richmond District (which is the first Asian neighborhood outside of Chinatown), Haight-Ashbury, and more. Each of these immersions is framed within a "lived theology" that centers honor for the  marginalized and displaced.

Training to Embody: Lenses Cohort

Lenses is a six-session in-depth discussion in which participants unpack their origin story in a way that exposes how they’ve learned to view God, themselves, and others. Throughout the course, participants learn about the lens through which they read the Bible and discover new lenses that better include the “other.” By the end of the course, participants are faced with the decision to replace their old lenses with new ones that help us see others as Jesus did.