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  • Wed, Aug 12, 2020 from 12:30-1:30 PDT. This is part of YWAM's "Lunch and Learn" program. I'll be interviewed by YWAM staff on “Reframing Our Message and Ministry” for this COVID-19 season. Register here.

"Reframing our Lenses" Cohorts starting late August 2020

Like no other time in history, we need to examine the lenses by which we see others, ourselves, and God. Racism, favoritism, legalism, rampant individualism, and consumerism can all be traced back to these lenses, for these three lenses define how we relate and act towards others, God, and self.  Unfortunately, our lenses are distorted and has effected not only the world, but the church as evidenced by the concerns of Scripture. The remedy is the indwelling Spirit, the One who inaugurated the unprecedented joining together of people that first Pentecost. The Spirit is still in the business of joining people together who would otherwise have no business with each other.   As Christians, a critical piece of fulfilling the Great Commission is finding our story in this Spirit-empowered narrative of joining together.
The cohort will be focused on identifying our default lenses in the context of the people God’s placed in our lives, our Samarias, people your culture typically wants nothing to do with. In doing so, the Spirit can identify past masters in our hearts so that in the words of Dallas Willard, we “can also open the door to choose other masters, possibly better masters, and one Master above all.”
The six week cohort will carefully reveal these three lenses by examining heart beliefs we all learned from our growing up years, starting with the lenses by which we see others, moving onto the lens by which we see ourselves, and finally the lens by which we see God.
At the end of six weeks, expected outcomes include the following:
  • A refreshed lens that will enable you to engage with others with more of the humble, vulnerable heart of Christ
  • A testimony that highlights your journey of deriving face from God instead of other sources
  • Able to identify biases you grew up with, and possibly how it distorts the lenses you use to see God, yourself, and others
  • A reframing of how you see God, yourself, and other people
Cohort Structure and values:
  • Aiming as much as possible to arrange cohorts by affinity
  • Each one will have no more than 8 participants
  • Safety and confidentiality: Each participant is screened through references. No audio or video recording nor screenshots are accepted without permission.
  • We're taking an "information light, integration heavy" approach. That is, each session will be focused on sharing and listening to others.
  • Expect to spend an hour preparing for each session. Most of that time will be spent in reflection and writing.
Cost will be nominal. ( We want to offer the greatest accessibility. None of the payment will be counted as a tax-deductible donation
Structure and Work involved:
  • Each cohort is limited to 8 participants for maximum participation. Barring emergencies that come up, you will be expected at each meeting and prepared to discuss the subject.
  • Each meeting averages between 75 and 90 minutes long.
  • Over the course of 6 weeks, the reading will amount to less then a couple dozen pages. Most of the work will be reflection questions that will be brought to the next session. Minimum suggested time of preparation between meeting is one hour.  Most of that time will be in reflection.
  • From experience, cohort meetings often surface theological or social questions beyond the focus of our meetings. In these cases, I will offer supplementary reading, most likely in the form of curated blog posts. Expected outcomes won’t necessarily include coming to conclusion with some of these issues. But I believe the class structure will help you arrive at a conclusion sooner.
Kingdom Rice reserves the right to cancel any training event two business days prior to the event. In case of cancellation, registrants will be notified and fees will be prorated and refunded. A makeup class will be offered at no cost. If you cannot attend a training event, we will refund your registration fees only if we are contacted at least two business days prior to the event. Otherwise, no refunds will be given.