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“…by God’s power accept your share of suffering for the gospel.” 2 Tim 1:8b

Andy Chu –  “I was born and raised in San Francisco so my love runs deep for the city. My mother and father are not following Jesus but allowed me to go to church at a young age where they felt I would learn good morals. That little decision has affected my life greatly. My passion is for people to come and know the Father and for their identity to be roote in something more firm than this world has to offer. I love listening to people’s journeys through life because I believe those can be great lessons and so much wisdom can come from it.  I connect with the intentionality behind Kingdom Rice because it seeks to be Good News to ALL cultures and seeks to engage non-Jesus followers with Good News rather than just trying to “convert” people.”

What Steve appreciates about Andy: An assistant controller for Samba TV, he brings his professional experience into Kingdom Rice. No one has impacted Kingdom Rice operationally more than Andy. We’re able to steward all God’s given us because of how Andy keep Kingdom Rice in a financial and operationally visionary space. I appreciate Andy’s tender heart towards the Father’s heart. Andy hails from the church once pastored by Pastor Sean Curtis (legacy board member), a church I’ve served alongside for seven years.

John Yoon – An associate professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, Dr. John Yoon is also the Executive Pastor of Hyde Park Church in Chicago. I’ve witnessed John’s faithful influence on his church and the denomination for years. More than that, I’ve witnessed John’s faithful walk since 1994 when I met him as a Freshman at Stanford. Dr. Yoon shares “Our church has had the privilege of hosting two Kingdom Rice Cohorts, life transformative experiences which have continued to bear fruit in our community until today!

Felicia Larson – I met Felicia through Brian Wo, co-founder of a ministry we both support, the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition. She is adjunct faculty at Western Seminary, teaching courses on ministry and spiritual formation. She’s also a consultant to pastors and nonprofit leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion. She also leads an incubator for voices of Women of Color and training up the next generation of BIPOC women preachers. 

Steve Hong, Director – “A native San Franciscan, I am a former engineer, missionary, pastor, and guitar teacher. I love excavating stories of beauty from San Francisco and my cultural background as a way to share how God is breaking into these spaces. God has given me friendships with influential leaders in music, art, theology, and a diversity of churches and faith communities across different faiths. People in my ‘hood know me for engaging people with my uke, recumbent bike, and world view conversations over coffee.”


  1. Tami Yanaga on October 28, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    I just heard Steve’s talk on the SF Chinatown book and the mission and background of Kingdom Rice sounded a little like another ministry. You probably know it already, but I thought I would just pass their website on to you anyways. It’s called “Iwa” and the site is http://www.iwarock.org/god-and-culture.html

    Thanks to Steve for his talk. I was interested in the Christian perspective on Kathy’s book.

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