Why “Kingdom Rice?”

Our Vision:
We dream of every human being experiencing Good News without partiality, unleashed through the embodied authenticity and empathy of Jesus followers


Kingdom Rice seeks to REFRAME the message, not just merely “present” the message
  • What relevance does presenting “John 3:16” at football games have in our world where viewers don’t hold Scripture to much authority, much less know what John 3:16 means? I wrote “The 4 laws from an Eastern Perspective” a dozen years ago to illustrate just how much Western bias we bring to evangelism. Personally, I rarely use a Gospel “presentation” to share my faith. Here in SF, so many I share with don’t hold Scripture with any authority, or worse yet, people see Scripture as irrelevant and even damaging to society. Reframing the message means using categories that are relevant to culture, specifically thirsts for acceptance (honor) in a given culture. It means laying aside Western categories and assumptions. (e.g. Jesus is white, Christianity is western, etc.)

Kingdom Rice seeks to REFRAME the messenger

  • The messenger is not a convert, but a disciple, a learner following in the journey of Jesus, a journey that roots someone with such security in one’s beloved identity, that such a disciple can excavate their own beautiful story of how God accepted them, honored them in spite of a background that says otherwise.
  • This kind of vulnerable storytelling puts the “messenger” on the same plane as others, and allows God’s love to shine through the cracks.
  • Kingdom Rice employs storytelling on the field, in the classroom, workshop settings, and events to demonstrate and train disciples in vulnerable storytelling that’s good news for both the storyteller and listener of the story.


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